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本篇文章又是故意要『閃』的。其實本來想要等到Boxing Day再來大敗家...可是昨天我辛辛苦苦海運過來的靴子竟然發生了以下的狀況:

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除了週一到週五24小時開放、隨時想念書都找的到位子這兩點就足以讓我超愛Sydney Jones圖書館之外,我又找到一項讓我更愛他的原因了!有看到我的介紹就會發現,圖書館的角落有這麼一間café。不過我一直都不敢進去。以為會很貴。直到我同學告訴我他再這點了一份土司跟一杯茶只要£1.30,我才鼓起勇氣進去瞧瞧、一探究竟。

Other than the fact that the library opens 24hrs on weekdays, and the fact that you can ALWAYS find a seat if you wanted to study, I've just found another reason to love the library even more - the Library Café!!  I knew about this café before, but didn't have enough courage to come in and try.  One day, my MA mate told me about how she got a piece of toast and a cup of tea here for only £1.30, I finally took the courage and come here and see what it's all about.

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上個星期,跟朋友說好星期天要來大家強力推薦的Egg Café吃英式早餐。因為是我提議的。原本要在星期天之前找到這間餐廳。可是萬萬想不到他竟然這麼隱密。還好利用Google找到了這間的位置。當天早上跟兩位住同棟的flatmate出發還是順利的找到了。

Last week, I suggested that we come to Egg Café for breakfast, as it was highly recommended by the locals.  Since I was the one who recommended it, I figured I should figure out where it was located.  However, I had no idea how hidden it was.  Fortunately, I found its location using Google Map, and found it with little difficulty on the day.

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How long has it been since I was in the wild?
Let me be forever grateful for the loving pair,

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It's been a month already, since I departed from Taiwan.  How do I like it here? I'm absolutely 'lovin' it'! 

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典型的英式pub。Scene from a typical English pub.

The food here comes in different types.  There is quality 'restaurant food'.  There is the quid-saver 'take-aways'.  Then, there is the very English 'pub food'. 

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Before you start preaching to me about how unhealthy it is to eat pre-cooked meals, I need you to understand a few points.  First of all, I have a small appetite.  Even if I can afford to eat out every night, it would still be a total waste of money because I probably won't be able to finish the whole meal.  Second of all, I don't have a lot of quids to throw around, so I must try and make my own meals on a daily basis and save my money for special occasions.  Thirdly, the vegetables here are so different from Asian vegetables, it will take me a really long time to try and figure out what I can do with them.  Finally, pre-cooked foods are actually GOOD, meaning delicious, here.  I'm sure you'll see what I mean once you see the pictures.


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It's not a badge.  It's a FAMILY CREST.

有什麼原因讓我不愛LFC?我可以想出太多他讓我著迷的地方。每次只要一走進club store,都有一種回到家的感覺。

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The church bells summoned the good weather last Sunday.  After noticing how wonderful the weather was, I decided that it was too good a day to waste away staying indoors.  It gets cold and wet during the week for days on end.  However, I have been lucky, because ever since I got here, the weather was always pleasant on weekends.

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Is 'Best Kebab' really the 'Best Kebab' in town?  Well, seeing that I've only had one kebab since I got here, it would be unfair to claim that it is, indeed, the best kebab there is in Liverpool.  But undoubtedly, it is pretty good.  Its name certainly lives up to its reputation!  Below is a picture of my veggie kebab.  Fresh veggies, fried mushrooms, what more can I ask for in a kebab? It's absolutely delicious.  In addition to that, it is just the right portion for someone with a small tummy, like me.  I could finish the whole thing. 

店名叫做『Best Kebab』。不過真的是城裡最棒的kebab嗎?我只吃過這間的kebab,所以如果現在就稱他為城裡最贊的,好像對其他賣kebab的不太公平。但不可否認的是,他真的很好吃。份量剛剛好。胃口本來就不大的我,剛剛好可以把他啃完。新鮮的蔬菜配上熱炒菇菇。那菇菇真是鮮嫩多汁。搭配冷冰冰的蔬菜,溫度剛剛好適合馬上一口接著一口吃。

After our kebabs, we went to a pub on campus and had a pint each.  The after taste of the kebab goes hand in hand with beer.  Although I don't expect myself to dine out much, due to the rediculously expensive prices here, I will definitely return to 'Best Kebab' for another veggie kebab.  I will also try out other kebabs, just to see if their kebab is, truly, the best kebab.

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There are many things that I can take advantage of while I'm here in the UK.  Other than the vast collection of English resources in the library, the performances in the world renowned Philharmonic Hall by the world acclaimed Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, easy access to football match broadcasts[however vain it may sound...], there is also the frequent lectures and talks by notable contemporary figures in the literary realm.

In fact, I just came back from one last night.  John Carey's talk on William Golding: How Novels Begin was the first lecture I attended since I got here.  John Carey is a literary critic who has edited works by Milton, Donne, and Orwell, just to name a few.  He has also published books and biographies on famous authors.  In his preparation of his new biography on William Golding, the author of the Lord of the Flies, he came to Liverpool and told us about the man, the work, and most importantly, how novels begin.

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有沒有搞錯?又是一家LFC Club Store?你才有沒有搞錯。這裡是哪裡?利物浦耶!怎麼可能只有一家Club Store。雖然坪數沒有比Superstore大。裝潢也沒有比Superstore豪華,不過店內販售的產品跟Superstore比起來還是有差。在這間看到許多Superstore沒看到的商品。還好這天被我們發現這家店的時候,身邊根本沒多少££。不然我又會經不起誘惑啦!

Yeap.  ANOTHER LFC Club Store.  This is, afterall, LIVERPOOL.  It would be quite absurd to only have one club store, wouldn't it?  Although it is smaller than the superstore, the inner decoration is also not as grand and posh, there are a lot of various items that could not be found in the superstore.  Fortunately for me, I was skint when we found this.  Otherwise, this would have been another trial of temptation which I would have been doomed to fail to pass.

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St George's Hall is a neoclassical building which houses law courts and concert halls.  It is a Grade I listed building, along side Buckingham Palace, Royal Opera House, and Albert Dock, which is also in Liverpool, just to name a few. 

The building is situated near Lime Street Station, in the center of the city.  It is an impressive building, and I hope to God that I will have an opportunity to walk inside it [to attend a concert...] at least once while I'm here.

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In Loose Change and Zeitgeist, we were introduced to the real plotters of the 911 attack.  Now, once again, America is under attack.  Not by terrorists like we might like to presume, but by the root of all evil - MONEY.

Zeitgeist Addendum gets into the depth of the real scheme that the big guys that are behind the scenes are really up to.  Understand why the economy is in crisis.  Understand who really controls the monetary system, around the world.  Learn how they are controlling the world by manipulating the monetary system.  Best of all, learn how you can choose not to be a part of their global scheme.

It is a long video, but extremely informative.  You do not have to be a politic or economic major to understand the jargon that frequently discourages you from your attempts to understand how the world really works.  This is not a production of the mainstream media.  This means, the purpose of this video is not so that you will come to believe everything that is said.  Quite on the contrary, you are not to believe it.  The purpose of these productions are to see that people will come to an awakening and start THINKING about what is true and what is not.  Do your own research.  Find your own conclusions.  But before you do any of that, watch the video.

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This is the second time since I got here that the fire alarm had gone off in the halls.  This is the second time THIS WEEK that I have personally been in a 'fire drill'.  The first time it went off in the halls, I did not run out of my room.  Seeing that I just got here, and was still trying to get over my jetlag... I did not even get out of my bed because my sixth sense told me: THERE IS NO FIRE!  Fortunately, the fire engine arrived and soon left. 

On Tuesday, I was suppose to meet up with my MA mates at the library after lunch.  I walked by the library and saw a big crowd gathering in front of it.  Of course, I heard the fire alarm too.  But seeing no smoke, I figured 'it was a drill'.  Although, the fire engine did arrive, it left shortly after.  I found my MA mates standing outside the building, but the people wouldn't let us back in, so we left.

This morning, UK time, of course, the fire alarm went off AGAIN!  This time, it really got on my nerves because I had just woken up, and I DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE MY ROOM!  I thought to myself, (here's the advantage of having your room facing the main road) if I see the fire engine arrive, then I will rush out.  However intolerable the sound was, I remained in my room.

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*The following article is a recount of the second part of our trip to Wu-lai.

Before making our way to the waterfall, we had already checked around to see if any of the hot spring hotels had sauna rooms.  It turned out that none of them had saunas.  Eventually, we decided to throw our money to the one that was most pleasant while introducing their facilities. 

在走上去瀑布之前,我們就已經先四處看看有沒有『烤箱』的溫泉。[ 因為某人特愛烤箱...不是考麵包的烤箱喔!]結果事實證明,烏來的湯屋真的只是湯屋。坐台車回來之後,回到當初比較親切的一間。看了他們的設備,因為覺得他們待人親切,以及友善的服務態度讓我們決定就是這家!

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The Torres Song

His armband proved he was a red, Torres! Torres!
You'll never walk alone it said, Torres! Torres!
We bought the lad from sunny Spain

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Manchester City 2-3 Liverpool
Fernando Torres 2

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