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We had very little plans for our time in Chester.  Basically, all we had planned to see was the Cathedral and the City Walls.  It was nice to stroll around a new city without a plan sometimes.  It was even nicer to have a long lost friend by your side.  It was amazing how much we still have in common, even after all these years.  We walked by the church, and decided to take a look inside almost simultaneously!  If you look at the church from the outside, each one looks pretty similar to one another.  Well, at least, some them may not look special from the outside, but it is usually the interior that is the most breathtaking!

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Speaking of Chester, I recall one of the first conversations I had with a Chester graduate, who is now my course mate, about the city.  I had little clue, then, to what she was talking about.  No matter how precise her description was, there's always a piece missing from the puzzle when you don't get to see it with your own eyes.  She said to me, that one of the many reasons she loves Chester so much was because there's this clock tower in the center that brings people right back to it, no matter where they go.  I think, the clock is like the heart of the city, and the people are like blood, i.e. no matter where it flows off to, it always returns to the heart.

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Even though it was a little disappointing that photography was not allowed inside the chapel, the souvenire shop alone was enough a compensation for what my camera had missed out.  I'd already over spent my budget at this point, and had only enough coins for the bus ride back to catch the coach back to Liverpool.  Since I was unable to actually buy anything, I took loads of pictures of the things I might have wanted to take home, if I had more money with me. 

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快照 2009-03-20 15-24-27.jpg

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謝謝各位長期以來對天仙[Celeste]以及il Giardino Romantico的支持與肯定。去年的這個時候,興高采烈的以為可以如期來到利物浦。沒想到到了七月卻踢到了一個大鐵板。不過還好有大家的鼓勵,讓我當時雖然很難過,但又馬上鼓起勇氣來面對現實才能如願完成夢想。

現在我又多集了一個第一次:第一次沒跟家人 and/or Jason過生日。不過我一點都不寂寞。因為這裡的好友們,都非常的熱情。也都對我非常的支持。寫這篇文章時,雖然台灣時間我的生日已過,但我還有差不多七個小時的時間,我們才要開始來慶祝呢!


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H letter A Door handle - P P y

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Rosslyn Chapel was the reason why I went to Edinburgh.  The journey was long, and the weather was absolutely freezing, but I was overjoyed to have finally made it here.  Some of the pictures may be a little blury due to my trembling hands in the cold.  You may not enjoy them as much as I enjoy them myself, but I hope that one day, you will all come and see this impressive building yourselves.

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此篇為大家由歷史的角度介紹Rosslyn Chapel與聖殿騎士的密切關連。英文部份載至於Frances A. Yates所著之 The Knights Templar in Britian.  由此可得知,Dan Brown所著的『達文西密碼』並不是完完全全天馬行空。有非常多的靈感都是來自於可靠的資料來源。[最主要的:Holy Blood, Holy Grail]而哪些是虛構,哪些是真實的,就讓有興趣的讀者自己去慢慢察覺囉!

This is a historical background introduction to the Chapel.  The English extracts are from the book The Knights Templar in Britian, by Frances A. Yates.  From this, we can see that Dan Brown wasn't completely making things up on his own.  Many of his sources were extremely reliable and thoroughly researched, most notably - Holy Blood, Holy Grail.  As for which parts are fiction and which are actual historical facts, that is for you, the reader, to find out on your own.  That is, if you are interested.

"Roslin Chapel and the Templar legends are inexorably mixed, even though the chapel was founded over a hundred years after the Order’s suppression. It figures largely in many theories about the Templars, their purpose and survival."1

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University of Liverpool

Semester One

Shakespeare and Co. - two hours, fortnightly

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之前的 Egg Café一文中介紹的是店家的素食早餐。從第一次到那常過超美味的素食餐點之後至今大概還去過了四五次。這話說來也很奇怪。他的量都非常的多。每一次我都吃不完[除了早餐那次我有全部吃完之外],但只要每次去吃完以後的那兩三天,我的肚子都會像無底洞一樣怎麼吃都吃不飽。

朋友來訪不能不一起吃個飯。雖然在切斯特時已經一起用過餐,但Egg Café在利物浦的名聲真的不小。這可是連熱愛葷食的都會愛上的素食餐廳!來利物浦玩,我當然要大力推薦給好友來嚐嚐囉!

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第一號得獎者:小索 [9]

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利物浦是一個不大也不小的城市。如果你想要去哪裡,靠雙腿都走的到。Albert Dock離校園差不多45-50分鐘的步行距離。我來這的次數五根手指頭還數得清。Beatles Story也是在這個區域裡。這天是陪老朋友來閒晃。陪他來這找找紀念品。順便也看看之前都還沒機會看到的地方。


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University Ranking by Subject <<English>>



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What kind of a place is Chester?  I've never heard of the place prior to my arrival in the UK.  Interestingly enough, there are three mates in my MA who were Chester fellows.  On top of that, every single person who had been there had had only good things to say about the place.  Because I didn't 'know', it lessened my desire to visit before.  However, when a friend you had not seen in 14 years comes to visit you, you're bound to pick up surprises wherever you go!

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1 Oxford
2 Cambridge  
3 Imperial College
4 London School of Economics

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國家蘇格蘭博物館也是在我們住的youth hostel附近而已。位於Grey Friars正對面。最棒的是:免費入場!來到愛丁堡一定要來這逛逛。因為這一整棟樓一共有八層的展覽可以讓你看個夠!不過這次來真的沒什麼時間慢慢晃。對蘇格蘭歷史文化有興趣的話,一定要抽出至少半天的時間仔細的品嚐每一層樓的展覽。絕對不會讓你失望的!

National Museum of Scotland is located near our youth hostel.  It's right across from Grey Friars.  Best of all, admission is FREE!  If you come to Edinburgh, you must spend some time here.  There are eight stories all together, and you are bound to love everything in the museum.  However, because of our limited time, we could only have a quick glance at everything.  If you happen to be interested in the history and/or culture of Scotland, you must spare at least half a day's time to slowly savor each and every floor.  Satisfaction is guaranteed!

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在hostel跟我們住同一間房間的兩個女生說他們前一天去找哈利波特。他們找到了作者J.K. Rowling開始起筆的那家coffee shop,還說許多裡面角色的名字靈感都是從這裡來的。其實我跟我朋友早就預計要來好好參觀一下這個『墓地公園』。不過一聽到他們這麼一說,還真想來看看是不是真的有書本裡頭的角色的名字。

The two girls that shared the same room in the hostel told us that they went on a sort-of Harry Potter tour the day before.  They found the coffee shop in which the author J.K. Rowling first started writing the story on napkins.  When my friend and I passed by the day before, we had already made plans to come and take a closer look at this graveyard the next day.  But having heard them say that Rowling had allegedly taken names from here, it made us want to visit it even more.

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