Albert Dock是一個複合了港區建築物以及倉庫的半封閉式碼頭。這個地區容納了全英國同區最多Grade 1 listed buildings的地區。Albert Dock的歷史可追溯到1837年。因為他封閉式的設計,使得安全性來說高出許多。也因此在第二次世界大戰時期常被用來儲存白蘭地、棉花、茶、絲、象牙以及糖等物資。碼頭管理者在大戰之後曾一度遇到財物危機。許多被炸彈毀損的建築物遲遲沒有重建的計畫。一直到了一九八一年,才漸漸的改為今日所見風貌。

Albert Dock is a complex of dock buildings and warehouses.  Together, they comprise the largest single collection of Grade 1 listed buildings in the UK.  The history of the dock dates back to 1837.  The enclosed design gave it more security and as a result of that, it became popular for the storage of brandy, cotton, tea, silk, tobacco, ivory, and sugar cargoes during World War II.  After the war, the owners of the docks faced a financial crisis.  Plans for redevelopment of the dock finally took place at around 1981, and eventually shaped into the Albert Dock that we see today.

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