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I've been saying that the weather had not affected our enjoyment of this Shakespearean enlightening trip.  I know that sunny days make Stratford even more glorious, and it would definitely be more convenient to walk around, but even under the grey clouds and sprinkly rain, it emits a unique and unforgettable scene.  Unless there is a tempest, there is no reason why the 'weather' should spoil your trip to Stratford-upon-Avon!

我一再強調,陰天雨天,完全沒有影響到我們享受這趟莎翁知性知旅的閒情逸致。雖然陽光照耀的Stratford,比起雨中行走要方便許多,但是陰天雨天的Stratford, 還是散發出自己獨特的氣氛。漫步在Avon河畔,除非是狂風暴雨,否則無論是晴天、雨天,相信你都可以照樣很享受當下的Stratford-upon-Avon。

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Generally speaking, a lot of people probably don't know much about Hall's Croft.  Neither did we, and we were Shakespearean academics... This, is actually the house of Shakespeare's daughter, Susanna, and her husband John Hall. It contains a small collection of 16th and 17th century paintings and furniture.  Because John was a doctor, the house also exhibits a wide range of medical equipments used in those days.

別說一般人了,就連專攻莎士比亞領域的我們,其實對這間屋子也很陌生。事實上,他原是屬於莎士比亞女兒Susanna和女婿John Hall所有。這間屋子的展示品,包含了十六以及十七世紀的藝術品以及傢具。不過比較特別一點的,應該算是當時身為醫生的John Hall所會用上的一些醫療工具。

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Cardiff Central Station

來到威爾斯,像是來到一個新的國家。所有的標示,除了英文以外,還會附上威爾斯語。這點讓我覺得挺特別的。雖然大家都說北威的風景比較美,建議我若是要去威爾斯,一定要去北邊瞧瞧。不過我在那沒有朋友,所以要去北威的話,除了交通,還得安排住宿。因此我就偷懶,選擇了南邊的威爾斯首都 - 卡地夫。

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Take a good look at the azure blue sky in thesse photos.  I remember having already taken photos of the Three Graces, but then felt compelled into going back on this bright sunny day, because I knew they would turn out to be amazing! 


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I can't remember how many times I've joined this award.  But I'd never even made it to the first round.  When I joined this year, I didn't think my blog stood a chance.  I guess that's the way life goes, though.  Whenever you don't expect too much, you always get more than you ask for.  For me, blogging is a great way to share things with people, and a great medium for making friends.  I first started my blog at Wretch.  Back then, only a few people knew its existance. Now, on average, there is about a three-hundred daily viewer readership.  (the highest readership record for this blog is around 700)  Although to a lot of larger sites, this number means nothing.  For me, however, this is more than enough.

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Pascal, the owner of the guest house where we stayed, gave us too many ideas of places to dine for us to handle at the time.  I do remember him recommending 'the best fish and chips' place, but I have to admit, I'm not certain if this is the one to which he was referring. 

We came here after we had our drinks because we were both starving.  We had saved so much money by bringing our own food, but by this time, we both ran out and craved for a full meal.  What could two skints students have?  What better choice is there other than the national dish - fish and chips?  (Actually, I insisted on having fish and chips... )

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This is probably the image that most people have in mind when Tunghai comes to mind.  However, to THU people, there are so many other places filled with various kinds of memories.  I wonder if all THU folks are like me, finding it difficult to forget such a beautiful campus...

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'A cup of tea is the solution to every problem.'  This is a quote from 'Doctor Who'.  I had never imagined myself falling in love with English tea.  The person who taught me how to drink tea the English way, was a French girl.  When she came to visit me, she asked me, 'Have you learned to drink tea the English way?'  She told me to add fresh milk and sugar to every cup of tea.  That's the way you're supposed to drink it. 

When you're feeling down, have a cup.  When you're feeling over the moon, that's even more of a reason to have one.  While coffee has become a daily routine, tea has become an enjoyment reserved only for special occassions.

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If you would like to learn more about the University of Liverpool, you now can do so by watching the following videos.  The first video shows students sharing why they have decided to come to Liverpool and how they feel about their choices after having spent time here.  In the second video, you can learn about the university's library facilities.  Learn from the staff, but also hear what students have to say about what the library has to offer.  The last video will tell you all you need to know about sports facilities on campus.  

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On this rainy August afternoon, we did not need extravagant furnishing, nor elegant teaware, to relief our exhausted bodies.  All we needed, was a simple, plain cup filled with tea, and a bottle of orange juice.  Because compared to our tired bodies, our hearts were were more than satisfied.


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