I had no idea what to look forward to until I arrived.  This coffee shop is unique in every aspect.  I came here with a previous student of mine, who had studied with me for over three years.  She's now studying in the States, and I knew that she had come back to Taiwan for Christmas.  I called her and set up a date to meet, but I left the venue completely up to her to decide.  After having been a student a year myself, I told her when I met her, that I am no longer her teacher.  I'd like to think that the relationship we have is pretty much like the concept of this coffee shop - finding a balance in a lack of proportion.  I accredit the reason why we are still able to remain in contact with each other even until to day, to this reason.

天仙這天是在完全無預警之下來到這間無論是食物或是店內裝潢都非常具有特色的咖啡館的。原因是因為得知以前家教的一個學生因為美國聖誕假期有回到台灣,因此除了日期以外時間以及地點我都交給了這位可愛的學生決定。不過經過一年的學生生活下來,見面時我對他說:我現在已經不是你的老師了~ 其實我們平時的相處方式就很像這間店的設計理念:在不對秤當中找到一個彼此相處的平衡點。所以無論是在以前家教上課的過程還是我們雙方都遠赴國外繼續進修後,仍然可以將這段緣份一值維持下去。

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