Generally speaking, I have a rather petite appetite.  However, when confronted with heavenly cuisine, or my favourite food, I will still devour everything set before my eyes.  After adopting a vegetarian diet, there are a lot of cuisines that I do miss.  Like these Shanghai style 'dim sums', which are more commonly found with pork stuffing, are among those that I really miss.  Although it is not impossible to find restaurants that do make them, often, I find the taste disgusting and inedible... I guess this explains why there are so many people out there who actually 'despise' dining at vegetarian restaurants.

The place we came to today, however, will absolutely blow your mind away.  It is tucked away in a narrow alley.  You may find it difficult to get yourself to give it a try if you had no idea what you would be missing out on if you just walk away.  Their veggie buns and other cuisines are absolutely heavenly!

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