I've actually heard about Grandma Nitti's since ages ago.  My expat colleagues would always talk about how they'd come here, enjoy the food and chatter here.  Its location is actually not far from where I used to live.  At least it's quite convenient to get to on the MRT.  However, this is actually the very first time at Grandma Nitti's for me.  Unfortunately my lunch appointment started and ended late.  Plus we had a bit too much to eat, which resulted in the fact that I had little interest in any of the dishes on the menu!!

很早以前就曾聽過外籍同事說Grandma Nitti's很好吃。他們都很喜歡去那兒聚會、吃飯。其實離以前台北住的地方不算太遠。至少捷運可以到。但是不知道為什麼,一直到了這天,我才第一次進去這間餐廳。結果,因為這個飯局之前的午餐飯局有點晚吃,導致我抵達後對於菜單上的任何食物都不會感到太大的興趣啊!!

This is a gathering among me and my co-workers from my first-ever job.  We try to set one gathering up each year.  But because we all have different working schedules, it takes a lot of planning for each gathering.  Because of this, however, we cherish each and every one of our successful gatherings even more.

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