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We were actually here for a 'meeting'.  Since our boss was a very generous person, that's why we could often combing pleasure with work. This explains why this is the venue for our meeting.  However, I did have a very strange feeling about the place and especially the meals served here... 


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This is one of the bigger reunions of the mates that had freshly graduated from Liverpool Uni.  The ones who had chosen the venue, of course, was a local.  That's why I had an opportunity to come to a fancy restaurant such as this.


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One day, me mate said to me that she'd found a nice restaurant that she thought I would really enjoy. I asked her 'vegetarian?', and she said she wasn't sure. When I checked out the link she later gave me, I had only then found out that it was, indeed, a vegetarian restaurant. 


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If you go to Stratford-upon-Avon, you will see nothing but Shakespeare.  When you come to Grasmere, in the Lake District, you will see nothing but Wordsworth. While it must be kept in mind that Wordsworth was not the only Lake poet.  Coleridge and Southey were also Lake poets, but it was indeed Wordsworth, that became poet Laureate. This is his home. The scenes that follow, are the scenes which had inspired his poetry. The beauty of the Lake, immortalised by his words, remain one of the most beautiful places on our planet Earth.


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Welcome to the world of Beatrix Potter. 


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Other than being the home of one of my most beloved poet of all time, William Wordsworth, The Lake District is also home to the popular charismatic author of Peter Rabbit - Beatrix Potter. In the numerous gift and souvenir shops ubiquitous around the region, you will see not only Wordsworth related items, but even more Peter Rabbit related items. 

湖區不僅是我摯愛詩人William Wordsworth的故鄉。他同時也是『彼得兔』作者Beatrix Potter的故鄉。在湖區各種禮品店哩,你可以找到很多Wordsworth相關的周邊小物,但你同時也不能錯過各式各樣的彼得兔周邊商品喔!

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I came to Afternoon Tea to meet two mates from Liverpool. I've heard of Afternoon Tea for a long while now, but this is, once again, the first time I had come here.  

這天來到Afternoon Tea,是與兩位利物浦的同學有約。很久以前就聽說Afternoon Tea的下午茶很優。不過到了今天我才第一次來,真是跟不上流行啊~~

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Located on Cihou Mountain in Cijing District of Kaohsiung City, the battery is now rated as a Second Class Historical Site. The weather on this day was not particularly pleasant. There were a few rain drops. I suppose my presence in Kaohsiung in its abnormal weather could make this a special experience, somehow.


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The last time I saw me mates of the 'secret club' was a year ago, before my departure to the UK. Other than the one I saw during our last meeting, there were also two others that I had not seen for a long time.  So what is this 'secret club'. Well, you probably guessed from the name that it's confidential. LOL!!!


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I wondered lonely as a cloud,
To check out the birthplace of the bard,
Whose lines had inspired me 

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It's quite rare for Liverpudlians to not hear about Zizzi's. This Italian restaurant is located in the semi-outdoor shopping complex - Liverpool 1. The quality of their service and the food were both extremely satisfying. It was the perfect place for us to hold our 'dissertation hand-in' celebration.

利物浦的人應該很少沒有聽說過Zizzi's的。這間義大利餐廳位於半戶外的購物中心Liverpool 1。對於他們的服務以及食物品質,我們都相當滿意。因此我們選來這慶祝我們論文交出,應該是非常正確的選擇。

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