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It had long been on my mind, that one day I was going to turn my pictures into postcards, and see how they turn out. This Christmas, I got tired of the commercial cards. Yes, some of them are really nice, but I wanted my friends to have something unique, and really 'me'. As I searched on the web, I found a relatively reasonable priced postcard printer, and started to print out my Christmas postcards.  I picked out some of the shots that stand out the most, taken both in the UK and in Taiwan. After they were completed, I got the result within a week.  Then, I thought, why not make a set of 'London Paddington' postcards, too? So I did, and voila! Here they are:



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After seeing the medieval exhibits of the castle, it's time to move forward on our timeline. But first, let's do a bit of review. 

看完中古時期的展覽,時間往前推~ 不過先來複習一下~


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After walking through the tunnels, it was time to get some fresh air. As all tunnels are, you'll find that not even the best ventilation systems could bring in enough air. Therefore, one has to be very cautious before walking in. It was nice to be out again in the sun. 


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Merry Christmas! 聖誕快樂!สุขสันต์วันคริสต์มาส メリークリスマス 
Joyeux Noël ¡Feliz Navidad! Buon Natale 
Fröhliche Weihnachten!

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Thank goodness for the wonderful weather that day, we could really enjoy the massive outdoor areas of the castle. 


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Dover Castle. A castle that is known to be the 'Key to England' because of its geographical location. Situated on the border by the English Chanel, its rival for many centuries, France, can be easily spotted on a clear, sunny day. Since its completion in the 12th century, it has served its defensive function for so many wars and battles. Today, this monumental castle is owned by the English Heritage. Although the admission sounds a bit expensive, I assure you, after a whole day, you will find your money more than well spent. 

多佛城堡被稱為是"Key to England"。他位於英格蘭東南邊靠著英吉利海峽,只要天氣晴朗,就可輕易看到英國幾百的宿敵—法國領土。自從十二世紀完工至二次世界大戰,這座城堡不知道經歷過多少戰爭。今天,這座城堡為English Heritage持有。雖然門票有點小貴,但保證逛完一天之後你會覺得真的太划算了!

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Remember this cute photo from the London Paddington series? Well, this article is going to show you the 'behind-the-scenes'. Although, the time difference between this top photos and the ones you are about to see are almost a year apart, still, that doesn't affect anything, does it?


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Evidence of Roman civilization is ubiquitous around England. Remember Chester? That's only a tiny tip of the iceberg. Remember Bath? Well, Canterbury has a whole museum dedicated to the ancient Roman civilization on English soil. You get to learn first hand information on what life was like back in those days!


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After the awesome tour of the massive cathedral, it was time for food.  I had another half-day to go, so I might as well eat well. I found this across from my next destination - the Roman Museum. I decided to treat myself for a nice dish and perhaps a pint. 


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Although Chaucer's Canterbury Tales was never completed, and we never get to hear of what happens when the pilgrims reach Canterbury, it feels as if every visitor here is doing Chaucer a favour by completing the pilgrimage for the characters in his tale.

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The Canterbury Tales, a collection of stories written in Middle English by the Geoffery Chaucer. Twenty-nine pilgrims gather in an inn during their pilgrimage to Canterbury. The innkeeper embarks a story telling contest, and thus the tales begin. 


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The city walls is one of the most distinct features of Canterbury.  Even now, it still amazes me how the wall survives till today. 


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This was the weekend when the European Education Exhibition was held.  The universities in the UK used to have their own exhibition, better known to most as the British Education Exhibition. This time, they decided to collaborate and hold a massive exhibit.  There were universities and institutes from Spain, Holland, France, German, and of course the UK. Of course, as alumni ambassador, I felt obliged to show up and offer personal experiences and insights to those who were interested in studying at the University of Liverpool. Another alumna was kind enough to join me. So altogether, there were four of us at the stand - two alumni, one uni delegate, and one agent.

After two long, but pleasant, days of standing and answering questions, we decided to relax and treat ourselves to a nice meal. Coincidentally, my uni friend was also in town. So the three of us found this Japanese nearby and spent the evening together. 


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This is the quiet and peaceful Canterbury, that I will always remember. This is the serenity of Canterbury that made me fall deeply in love with it. The temporary silence and tranquility for which every traveller acquires a taste. 


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