Dover Castle. A castle that is known to be the 'Key to England' because of its geographical location. Situated on the border by the English Chanel, its rival for many centuries, France, can be easily spotted on a clear, sunny day. Since its completion in the 12th century, it has served its defensive function for so many wars and battles. Today, this monumental castle is owned by the English Heritage. Although the admission sounds a bit expensive, I assure you, after a whole day, you will find your money more than well spent. 

多佛城堡被稱為是"Key to England"。他位於英格蘭東南邊靠著英吉利海峽,只要天氣晴朗,就可輕易看到英國幾百的宿敵—法國領土。自從十二世紀完工至二次世界大戰,這座城堡不知道經歷過多少戰爭。今天,這座城堡為English Heritage持有。雖然門票有點小貴,但保證逛完一天之後你會覺得真的太划算了!

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