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I shall begin the long awaited London travel logs with the most impressive London feature - the Tube. No one has not hear of the tube. But I wasn't at all impressed by it when I first got on it. The reason was because I had a 30kg luggage PLUS a 10kg backpack on me, and I could not spot a single lift in the stations... So I had to 'carry' them up and down the stairs, most of the time, on my own. If you had to go through this, I don't think you'd have a good first impression either, would you! But alas, it is after all, London tube... You must give it some credit. 


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Yet another crooked house! Starting to wonder why there are so many crooked houses in England? If you know why, please, indulge me! Anyway, this is a lot more famous than the one I shared with you earlier, the one in Canterbury. However, now comparing the two, I don't think this one seems as crooked as the other! What do you think?


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Ever wondered why English/European churches are so fascinating? Other than the history, there is something else. Most churches follow a guideline. Here are a few of the guidelines, and once you've become acquainted with them, next time you walk inside an European church, you can keep an eye out for these structures. 


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Nearing the end of my 2009 UK tour, I only had enough budget and time for either Hampton Court or Windsor. While I still couldn't make up my mind, my friend, with whom I was staying, kindly shared her opinion and decided that Windsor was definitely the one to choose. Well, at the end of the day, I wasn't at all disappointed. But I will always wonder... what Hampton Court is like.... 

我的2009年英國旅遊將近尾端時,我知道我只有足夠的經費及時間要在Hampton Court與Windsor之間擇一。這兩個地方若沒去過當然是很難選擇。在詢問好心收留我的好友意見之後,她覺得一定要去溫莎。這也就幫了我做了一個大抉擇。雖然逛了一整天下來一點都不失望,但我心裡永遠都會掛念著一個念頭:Hampton Court到底是啥樣子呢?

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Actually, after Canterbury, I spent a day in London. But unfortunately, I had ingeniously deleted all the photos I had taken on the first day. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to walk around the same places again, and re-take those valuable photos. So, going in chronological order of the photos, here comes the Windsor series. 


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This is actually the first time I hung out with my colleagues outside of work, since I started this new job in September. We had a lot of fun chatting. Actually, I had more fun watching and listening to them chat, but same difference. Anyway, we went to a Japanese restaurant, and at first we were going to order our own individual meals, when the waitress suggested that we order a set meal for 4-6 people. (there were five of us). 



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This may not seem to be a special pub, but to some, it is. I choose to end the Canterbury entries with the Dolphin, because even until today, I recall the fun we had that night. 


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I thought I had finished the Canterbury entries, but it turned out, there are still a couple of things I wanted to share. This is one of them - the European Food Festival. I think it's an annual event, held in fall. It is festivals like this that really makes one enjoy the UK even more! 

原以為坎特伯里的故事已經講完了,翻翻照片才發現還有幾樣東西想要跟大家分享。這個歐洲美食祭就是其中一個。這種活動啊,我想就是令我更喜歡英國的原因之一呢!(明明pub才是主因.... )


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A: So, where're you from?
B: Sandwich...
A: No, really... where're you from?
B: Yes, really! SANDWICH... 

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才光跨完年就一連三貼食記,會不會太享受啊~ 不過剛剛好嘛!跨年前英國遊記正好到一個段落。下一個段落的照片還沒開始整理,大家就將就一下囉(是很勉強嘛!?)

This is the third consecutive food article that I've posted since the beginning of the year! Well, this is only because I have not yet had time to organize the next round of UK photos. So while you're waiting, this is what you can enjoy~ 

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The following article is in Chinese (Traditional) only. 



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Lesson One - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, if you happened to miss breakfast, have brunch instead.

Lesson One(第一課):早餐是一天中最重要的一餐。所以不小心錯過的話,就改吃早午餐。

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Five...four...three...two...one!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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