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Whether a fan of the entire Sherlock Holmes, or a comic fanatic of the Japanese kid detective Conan, this is yet another place in London not to miss out on. If you don't have the time, it's still worth a Tube trip to see the station itself. 


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Remember what I said in the article on Bath Abbey Tower Climb? That an even bigger challenge awaited me? This was it! St. Paul's 500+ steps to the top of the tower! 


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If you walk along the Themes, and reach Tower Bridge, it'd be impossible to miss Tower of London. This historical site is such an impressive building because of all the famous lives involved. Even though this time round, I only walked around it, it was still quite intimidating to think of how these important historic people were used to be imprisoned, or even executed here! 


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This is the part 2 I'd told you about. It's not the same meal. We went there again and ordered different things. But as I used two different cameras, you can probably tell that I'm more used to my own camera, as the outcome is a lot clearer! So sometimes, it's not the person... but the equipment that affects the result!



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Why is this only part 1 of 2? Like I said in the last article, I ended up eating so many meals of Japanese cuisine, that two of them were in the same restaurant! But don't worry, you'll get to see different things in these two different articles. 



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After a splendid meal at home, we spent the next few days dining out. Fortunate, or unfortunate, I ended up eating so many meals of Japanese food. Here's one that's located not far from our house. It's very Taiwanese, but the food's great. 


We ordered three combo meals to share among the four of us (one of us was absent from this meal). We asked them to serve the same dishes together, as we were sharing them. 

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I stayed in London for an entire week before heading back home in Taiwan. It was my final destination, and sort of marked the grand finale of my entire year in the UK. You know what they say about London and typical English weather.... However, during the seven days I was there, I did not see a single drop of rain. It's supposed to be a good thing, nonetheless, it didn't feel quite 'London-like'. Yes, there were gray days like this, but no rain at all. It made traveling much easier. 


This article shows you two boats that were docked by the Thames. Just by looking at these two different boats, you'll get the feeling that the whole of England can be summed up by them - a place where the new intertwines with the new. 

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If you are a Shakespeare fanatic, this is another 'sacred' place you simply just can't miss out on. THE GLOBE. Even though it is not the original, it's as close a replica as it gets. The original was destroyed in a fire in 1613. Just by looking at the materials from which the theatre is build, it's not hard to imagine how fast the building would have burnt down. This reconstruction, though not located in the exact location as the original, is just a few hundred metres away from the original site. It was opened in 1997, with a production of Henry V. 


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This is what a London train station looks like. I can't remember where the one above was taken. Possibly either Victoria or Waterloo... 

這就是倫敦火車站的樣子~ 這張我已經忘了是在哪拍的。好像是Victoria 還是 Waterloo的樣子。

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