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Yes. I do realised the start of this article is quite a contrast to the last one I posted. This last of the Tower of London Trilogy, contains the bits and pieces of the rest of the castle. To start off lightly, let's take a look at who London Paddington found during our trip here. 


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"I am King Henry VIII" 『我是英國國王亨利八世』

This is the special exhibition that I had missed out on during my 2009 trip to London. At the time, I didn't think that I would have the chance to see it, even if I could come back to London. But I did. And I considered myself very fortunate. 

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This is the place that I had left with regret during my 2009 trip to London. This time, to make sure it does not become a second-time regret, I made sure it was done during the beginning of the whole England itinerary. Although the weather wasn't as great as the last time round, at least I saw the grey sky that belonged rightfully to London. 


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Even though I had spend some time during my toddlerhood around this neighbourhood, I had no memory whatsoever of this place, or even ever hearing of this place. When I asked my mum, who had been the reason why I had roamed around here, she said she had very little memory of the place as well. The place had been made popular by the movie 'Monga', an award winning movie about gangsters. 

雖然小時候曾在這混過,但這個地方我倒是一點印象都沒有。甚至連有沒有聽過的印象都沒有。後來詢問錢媽,他也只問我:是在老松國小後面那邊嗎?但也說沒什麼印象。(因為錢媽太認真上班,照顧小孩了~XD <-- 狗腿的嫌疑)若非電影『艋舺』,這裡會變得像現在這麼有名嗎?

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I'm a frequent visitor of Longshan Temple. I used to roam around this neighbourhood during my toddlerhood. In recent years, the whether had somehow always been gloomy during each of my visits. Finally, on this day, the glorious sun was out, and I decided to try something different with my photos. 


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In Taiwan, it's really difficult to find 'authentic' Thai food, unless you find a restaurant opened for Thai expats. Ordinarily, these restaurants are simply a room, with chairs and tables, and a kitchen of course. Even though from the outside, they may not seem like the best places for dining, mind you, they probably have the most delicious and authentic Thai dishes. 

In terms of the ordinary franchises we see, my family had come to the conclusion that Thai Town has the closest taste to what we consider 'authentic' Thai. Can this trip survive the taste buds of a family who'd lived in Thailand for a long time? Let's take a look at what some of our must-order dishes are. 


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Welcome to the City of London, where there are surprises waiting for you around each tiny little corner. During the last visit to London, I visited and saw the major sites of tourist attraction - Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, St. Paul's...etc... This time, I got to see the mirco-beauties of this wonderful city.


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Marble Arch is located right across from Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park. Designed by John Nash in 1828, it was based on the Roman triumphal arch of Constantine. It was first erected elsewhere, and only moved to its current location in 1855. 

這座大理石拱門就位於海德公園的Speakers' Corner對面。由John Nash於1828年設計,是以羅馬康斯坦丁的勝利拱門為設計範本。最初的設立地點並不是現在的所在地,而是在1855年才搬來這裡的。

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*Contains adult content, reader discretion advised.

During my 2010 trip to the UK, I made sure that 80% of the places I went, were places I was visiting for the first time. The reason for that is because I wanted to see as much of England as I possibly could. So however much I longed to re-visit certain places, I had to make a choice. 

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Don't I just love to stall! Okay, I promise that this is the start to my 2010 UK trip articles. Upon my return to Taiwan on October 5th, 2009, I was so devastated to leave. Then, in December of that same year, I was lucky enough to gain a chance to go back to the UK, only this time as a full-time tourist. Thanks to my many friends (and a teacher), I'd had such a splendid time traveling around places I have been and places I have not been! 

Thank you, friends, for making this second trip to the UK, yet another unforgetable memory in my life! 

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I'm not trying to stall my 2010 UK travel articles, but it's not often that I get to update my Taiwan articles. So I thought I might as well use this opportunity to post them in a row, to remind people that - yes, I am in Taiwan.



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The first University of Liverpool Taiwan Alumni Reunion was held on 26 March, 2011 in Taichung. The committee started organizing for this event since December 2010. We sent emails, make phone calls, publicised through Hello UK and even the British Council. More than 35 alumni attended the event, with the most senior alumni graduating in 1986. 

首屆英國利物浦大學臺灣同學會於民國一百年三月二十六日在台中舉辦。籌辦小組於民國九十九年十二月開始籌備工作。透過email,電話以及Hello UK及British Council等管道發送訊息。活動當日出席者超過三十五位。其中最資深校友畢業於西元1986年。

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