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I guess, this is what they call 'like teacher, like student.' I've told this early pint story to many, and everyone found it absolutely astounding that we would go for a pint at 10am (beating my previous record of drinking at noon). The story goes: P takes me for a walk around the city. After about half an hour or so, we stopped across from a building when Paul said to me, 'This pub is quite special. It's built in Victorian style...etc...' Then after about five seconds of silence, and me taking the silence as a photo op, he continued... 'So? What do you think? How about a drink?' I looked him in the eye, then glanced at my watch, then walked into the pub with him...  

我想這就是正所謂的『有其師必有其徒』吧!這個故事不管跟誰說,誰都會覺得很不可思議!在此之前,我的紀錄是中午才碰"麥茶",沒想到在這竟然也有這種紀錄可以破!當天的情形是這樣的:P帶著我走著走看看不同的景色。約半小時後我們停在一棟建築物對面,他便對我說:這棟建築物很有意思!是維多利亞風格的巴拉巴拉巴拉... 。接著是冷場五秒左右。我以為P是給我機會拍張照,沒想到他接著說:怎麼樣?進去喝一杯吧!我睜大眼睛看著他,又看了看手錶... 然後就走了進去.......XD



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Well, since I've stated the bilingual aspect of the blog as a unique feature, I guess this ought to be bilingual, too. 

(il Giardino Romantico got into the first round of the 2011 Annual Blog Award)

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All the destinations during my 2010 trip to the UK was rewarding, but Durham was rewarding in a significantly different way. I came to Durham to visit a former teacher of mine. I say 'former teacher', but in reality, there is no such thing as 'former' teacher. Once a teacher, always a teacher. Wouldn't you agree?


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This is a short arcticle containing scenes of Durham that I had found difficult to categorize, but had not the heart to delete or ignore. I guess it would be nice to use this as an interim between two larger scale articles. 

這篇極短篇,說實話是來佔版面用的。原因是這幾張很難分類,但又捨不得直接刪掉或私藏。想說剛好上一篇跟即將要發的下一篇都是比較長篇,不如就趁機來點輕鬆點的light reading吧!


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Full name of the cathedral is 'The Cathedral Church of Christ, Blessed Mary the Virgin and St. Cuthbert of Durham'. Founded in 1093, the cathedral is a UNESCO World Hritage Site and a fine example of Norman architecture. 


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Other than visiting places I had not been able to visit before I left this country the first time round, I also let my friends decide where my destinations were going to be. I chose to visit places where my friends were, because on top of sightseeing, I'd also get to spend some quality time with my dear friends. 

The main reason for visiting Durham, was to visit a very dear teacher of mine who had recently retired and returned to the UK. I didn't know what Durham was like, but I knew I was not going to be disappointed. 


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My flatmate and I have a lot in common. (I guess that's why we get on so well!) Other than the fact that we love our booze, we also fancy spicy food as well. We used to exchange curries. She had a special recipe, and I'd used to make Thai green curry. During the time we were living in the same hall, our preference for vegetarian dish was yet another thing we had in common. 

So despite my short stay in Norwich, we had to make the best of the time we had together. Since we were done with the drinks, we decided to have some spicy Indian food~ 

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My flatmate is very good at finding unique places for drinks. She is even better at finding fancy drinks. I've decided to include this pub in the Norwich series because it was a pretty interesting pub. You'll see why in a minute. 


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I'm afraid you'll be rather disappointed by the Norwich (pronounced Nor-rich) series, for there was only one reason why I arranged to come here - to have cider with my dear flatmate. We tried to do some tourist stuff, but we still ended up where we always end up - at the pub. Nonetheless, you'll still get a glimpse of what this lovely place is like. 

我想可能有人會對這一系列有點失望吧!因為我來這裡主要的原因只是為了跟前室友喝一杯。雖然我們有試著觀光一下,不過最後還是回到pub... 話雖如此,這篇文章還是可以讓你看看諾里奇這個小地方到底長啥樣子~(英文雖拼成Norwich,但w不發音。所以念作Nor-rich)。

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This garden belongs to the house of friends who were kind enough to take me in while I stayed in the UK. It was the most beautiful garden I had ever seen in my life. I think what made it even more beautiful than all the other gardens I had seen before, was the fact that it was private, and that the gardener himself was the owner of the house. 


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**The following article is in Chinese(Traditional) only.

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This is a place in High Wycombe (pronounced 'wickem') called 'The Rye'. The simplicity of its landscape is the reason for its serene and tranquil atmosphere. There are ducks, swans, flowers, plants, trees, and cute people to top it all off. 

這是在海維康的一個叫做'The Rye'的小地方。這裡極簡的景色形成了安寧平靜的氣息。除了有鴨子、天鵝、花花草草,當然也還有最可愛的人兒。

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How many of you have ever heard of High Wycombe (pronounced 'wickem')? And how many of you have ever visited High Wycombe? How many of you will ever visit High Wycombe? One of the biggest highlights of my 2010 trip to the UK was that it was filled with trips to places that are not exactly tourist hot-spots. Even though I had local guides for escorts, still, I think I just elevated from being a tourist to a traveller. 


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'Hello! Here I am again! Did you miss me?'


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