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遇到冷氣團來襲的周末,唯一能夠覺得還不賴的就是可以躲在被窩裡睡晚晚。要不是這天剛好有事要外出,可能就會一整天窩在被窩裡吧!既然要出門,而過年期間也因為假期短,所以根本沒花到什麼錢。我們才有機會奢侈地外出享用一下早午餐。Cafe Cafe天仙並不是第一次光顧(舊食記附在文末)。所以信心滿滿的帶著蔡同學來到這裡。一走進店裡就發現不太對耶!怎麼跟我印象中的Cafe Cafe不太一樣?

The best thing to do in the morning of a cold weekend, is to stay in bed until... whenever! However, we had missions to accomplish this day, so we had to leave our comfy duvet and get out of the house. Since we had a very short Lunar New Year holiday, that meant we still had plenty left in our monthly budget. We decided to treat ourselves to a scrumptious brunch. This was not my first visit to Cafe Cafe (go to the links at the bottom of the article to see the old posts). I was quite confident that my companion would enjoy this meal! But when I saw the place, I was a bit shocked! It looked nothing like the Cafe Cafe I remembered!


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After my first visit to this Japanese place, and tried their cheese and salmon nigiri sushi, I craved for my next visit! I wanted to come back and re-take the photos, since I only had my phone with me last time. My friend and I were discussing where to eat, and she happened to see the last article I wrote about this place. We decided to come here, so I got my chance to retake these photos. However, I underestimated the place, thinking that it was a weekday, and that there were only the two of us, getting a table wouldn't be that difficult! We did manage to get a table, but we had less than an hour to dine. It was okay, though. We accepted the condition, for we really wanted to have the nigiri sushi! 


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To save our budget, we decided to get a cheap flight, and spend all our money on other stuff. We looked online, and found a flight that was most suitable - leaving on a Friday night (only cost us half a day off on the day), spend the night at the airport, then arrive in Chiang Mai ealry next morning. It was midnight when we arrived at Bangkok, and since the connecting flight was early in the morning, we decided to save that one night's hotel fee. I'd never slept at the airport before. Seeing other people having this experience, I thought it was something worth trying... well, once in a life time is enough, really....


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從計畫好要來清邁之前,腦袋裡就已經盤算好要來吃盡道地美食了!所以其實住了這幾晚算下來飯店的早餐我們其實只吃了兩次。那絕對不是因為不好吃,只是行程太多,想吃得太多,胃卻只有小小的一個... (已哭)

Once we made plans to come to Chiang Mai, I already had in mind an entire itinerary for our food adventure. Therefore, we only had breakfast at the hotel twice. But it wasn't because it wasn't good enough. We wished we had more space in our tummies! There were simply way too much to eat! 


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雖說每座城市的車站周圍都是最熱鬧的,不過天仙卻鮮少來這附近。這天剛好有事來到這塊區域,雖然已經下午了,但肚子也開始餓了。附近選擇很多,但不想踩雷(這天原本沒有什麼冒險精神)本來想要選一間連鎖店,至少吃的安心些。後來因為第一選擇還須排隊(都下午了),懶得等就另外看看。走著走著想說前頭不是有Burger King嗎?Burger King分店不多,若今天選擇吃Burger King也算是挺新鮮的。後來看到這間平價日式料理,肚子已經餓扁了就把漢堡王拋到腦後了。一進去,才想說:這...就是原本的Burger King吧!?(這樣算有吃到嗎?)

It's always busiest around train stations. It's true for every city. But I rarely come to this neighbourhood around Taipei Main Station. We came here running an errand, and got hungry soon after. There were a lot of choices, but initially, I didn't intend to be adventurous. We initially picked a franchise, but we had to queue up, and I didn't feel like waiting. We remembered a Burger King nearby, then got distracted by this affordable Japanese place. It wasn't until we came in that we realised: this, indeed, used to be Burger King!



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