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It's quite rare for Liverpudlians to not hear about Zizzi's. This Italian restaurant is located in the semi-outdoor shopping complex - Liverpool 1. The quality of their service and the food were both extremely satisfying. It was the perfect place for us to hold our 'dissertation hand-in' celebration.

利物浦的人應該很少沒有聽說過Zizzi's的。這間義大利餐廳位於半戶外的購物中心Liverpool 1。對於他們的服務以及食物品質,我們都相當滿意。因此我們選來這慶祝我們論文交出,應該是非常正確的選擇。

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This is a popular place among uni students. The reason is because, other than it's delicious food, the price is affordable to most students. I'm not sure what kind of cuisine you'd categorize Kimos as, but does it really matter? So long as the food is great, I think you're missing the point if you become too obsessed with categorizing the food they sell. 


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ㄟ~ 本來是不想浪費版面的。不過有人說我沒自信,也有人說我"太強"。(強在哪裡我不知道。)只是我有的時候真的是激不得的。因為被激了一下我就會馬上行動。不過實際上想了想,既然等了那麼久才終於拿到一隻倫敦熊(還是格友兼噗友辣媽相送才得到的)所以好像還挺直得一貼的啊!!


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This meal would not exist, if it hadn't been for my extremely high-spirited friends who had so 'considerately' forgot that their visiting vegetarian friend had not yet had dinner...

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I'd seen pictures of 'Salt Mountain' before, and I had never imagined it to be so 'yellow'!! What we saw before our eyes was so disappointing, especially since we had driven for so long to see it, AND almost got lost on the way.


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Someone said to me, ages ago, that the people that you go to college with, will be your friends for life.  At the time, the idea was pretty elusive.  After graduation, I still found it hard to believe, as everyone was dispersed into different parts of the country. How is it possible to remain friends with people who live so far away from you, and have different jobs?  Well, after this day, I understood.  It really depends on your definition of 'friend'.  You don't have to meet regularly to call someone a friend.  You can meet a person every day, but only consider them an acquaintance.  But the people with whom you share common memories, who you think of every now and then, THEY are the friends that will always 'be' with you, because they remain in your heart until the end.


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This gorgeous piece of art work, Dome of Light, by the Italian artist Narcissus Quagalita, stands in the midst of the Kaohsiung metro, Formosa Boulevard Station.  There are four parts to the work: water, earth, light, and fire, all of which depict the process of the universe.  Seeing that the Chinese name of the station literally means 'Beautiful Island', I believe there isn't a better place for this artwork to be displayed other than here.


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Photo of Central Park Station.

Since the completion of the Kaohsiung Rapid Transport, this is the first time I'd ever been on it. Compared to Taipei MRT, I think they were fortunate to have a model preceding them.  The whole system seems clean, spacious, and comfortable.  Probably because it was constructed after Taipei MRT, they made a lot of 'improvements', if you will, to the system.  I actually enjoyed my ride on it very much, despite the inevitable faults that every system is doomed to have...

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Almost anywhere you go in the UK, you can be sure to find some interesting history behind the place, the area, or the building.  Bute Park is a large area of parkland in the core of Cardiff.  Situated amidst a whole range of historical sites, including Cardiff Castle, it seems to be the perfect place for an easy weekend getaway.  


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After one whole day of cruising around Cardiff, we both got hungry, for obvious reasons. Keep in mind that everything you have seen so far on Cardiff, were all done with in 'one single day'! So imagine how hungry we must had been by the time the day had ended! 


So my mate asked me what I felt like having, and I thought, the best cuisine to have would be Thai food, seeing that we met, grew up, and went to school together in Chiangmai!  It's already a miracle that we were meeting in far away UK.  To top it all up, we are going to reminisce the taste of Thailand together!

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