南港區有幾間鵝肉店名氣還不錯。這天跟友人來到人家介紹的『良美』。雖然這種店好像越多人吃越划算,不過我們兩人還是硬著頭皮跑進去吃。你瞧第一張圖片就可看出這店家的刀工。雖然我不常吃鵝肉,但就我吃過的幾間比起來,這間切的細緻多了!每一片的厚度均勻,且九成以上都是可以吃下肚的(有些會參很多骨頭之類的... )

There are a few places that sell goose in the Nangang area that are well reputed. This time, my friend and I visited 'Liangmei'. For these types of restaurants, it's a better deal to have a big crowd, but this time, there were only the two of us. If you take another look at the first picture, you'll see how delicate each piece is sliced. I don't visit goose restaurants often, but of the few I have visited, this is the only place that offers such a pleasing presentation of the dish. Moreover, over 90 percent of what's on the dish is edible (some would put a lot of bones on the dish). 

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