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The play begins with a tempest on the sea, leaving the Duke of Milan and his entourages on a deserted island.  It turns out that the tempest was conjured by the magician dwelling on this island – Prospero.  His daughter has a hard time understanding her father’s actions, thus he explains to her his reasoning.  Twelve years ago, because he had been too obsessed with books and magic, he had neglected his duties as a duke.  Because of this, he brother sought the chance and usurped his dukedom.  Not only that, but he also banished him and his daughter onto this deserted island. 


一開場的一場暴風雨,將米蘭的公爵以及隨行的一群人漂泊到荒島上。原來這場暴風雨是魔術師Prospero精心策劃過的。 一旁Prospero的女兒米蘭達一直很不能理解父親爲何會這麼做。Prospero才告知小女,12年前,因為自己沉迷於書本以及魔法,忽略了公爵一職的工作。也讓自己的兄弟有機可趁的奪走了自己公爵一位,還將他與小女放逐至荒島。


By bringing these people on the island is actually a part of his plan to retrieve his dukedom.  Prospero also used this opportunity to set up a decent marriage for his daughter.  After repeated charms and spells, Prospero succeeds in regaining his dukedom, and also secures his daughter’s marriage with Ferdinand.  





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