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有沒搞錯?還在'subjet to formal University approval'?' 乾脆不要開新的programme,恢復舊的讓我完成我原始的夢想嘛!

Programme Outline
The Renaissance and the 18th Century are two of the richest periods in English literature, as well as areas in which some of the most exciting new critical and textual scholarship has been concentrated. The relations between these periods are made especially close by the conflicts as well as the continuities that can be traced between them. All the major writers of the 18th Century were passionate readers of Shakespeare and Jonson, Milton and Spenser, with some publishing major editions of their works. Yet Pope and Swift, Dryden and Johnson saw themselves not just as the inheritors of their literary forbears, but as their masters, correcting and improving the literature of the Tudor and Stuart eras before them, as the products of a golden but unrefined age. What is at stake in the ‘mighty contests’ that arise from the great works and the cultural shifts of the Renaissance and 18th Century is ‘English Literature’, as it is written and redefined across these two crucial periods.

This MA will appeal to students who wish to pursue a programme covering a wide chronological and thematic range. It is carefully designed to allow sustained comparative study of writings from both periods, alongside a focused examination of particular authors and issues within them. We concentrate upon the close reading of major texts – poetry, prose, and drama - as well as upon broader cultural narratives and changing critical perspectives: indeed, each helps to reveal the other. Central to the MA are modules that explore how key Renaissance writers influence major 18th Century authors and inform their ideas of literary form and style, as well as of politics, religion, science, and ‘taste’ – from Paradise Lost to The Rape of the Lock, from the prose fictions of Robert Greene and Thomas Nashe to the novels of Daniel Defoe. Naturally, Shakespeare stands at the heart of this MA. The 18th Century saw the emergence of Shakespeare as the ‘National Poet’, becoming the great age of adapting Shakespeare’s plays for performance, of editing them on the page, and of contesting his ‘Genius’ in criticism and scholarship.

This MA therefore provides a solid foundation for further research, as well as being a complete, and unique, programme of study in itself. Assessment is by a combination of assignments, including a final dissertation.

Further details will become available in due course. Please contact the school directly for more information.

這些資料根本有等於沒有。我從聽說要改課程就一直在等。怎麼到現在也才只有這麼一點資料?有等於沒有。這東西根本在基本的文學歷史書裡就找的到。我想要知道的是:SPECIFIC READING LIST!DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF MODULES!


其實會這麼無奈也還不是因為18世紀根本就不是我的強項。我還是對Romantic literature[19世紀]比較有信心一點。會妥協,也是因為跟Liverpool已經有了感情了。我當初的第二志願是Manchester。但在支持球隊之後,竟然延伸出對Manchester的反感。[真是糟糕...]


1. 這分類好久沒更新了。會不會有人已經忘記我要去英國的事了。不過你們忘記沒關係。我自己記得就好。
2. 看來貓爸送我的Riverside Willy[Shakespeare]終於要派上用場了...
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  • 蔓蔓
  • 現在離九月還很久 所以他們可能沒有積極排課吧??
    或許妳再等一陣子看看吧 好像也只能這樣了...

    關於碎碎唸1 Celeste妳想太多了啦 >.<
    看到妳對Manchester的反感 我笑了哈哈!!
    不過那裡是個工業城 空氣不好
  • 蔓:我從聽說要改課程就開始在等了...


    天仙 (Celeste) 於 2008/01/28 16:31 回覆

  • Fangorn
  • 延伸出對Manchester的反感....

    Ha ha ha ha ha ..... good for you!!
  • Fangorn:不會是被你洗腦的吧...

    天仙 (Celeste) 於 2008/01/28 16:32 回覆

  • Fangorn
  • If I'm capable of that.....

    Barca~~ Barca~~ Barca~~ Barca~~ Barca~~ Barca~~ Barca~~ Barca~~

  • Fangorn:

    Not looking~ not looking~ not looking~~~

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  • Isa
  • 我沒有忘啊,放心放心!一定會有好結果出現的!加油啊!
  • Isa:

    謝謝你一直記得~ ^_^

    天仙 (Celeste) 於 2008/01/29 22:52 回覆

  • jaffe
  • 除了Manchester和Liverpool之外,真的真的沒有其他選擇了嗎?
  • Jaffe:



    天仙 (Celeste) 於 2008/01/29 22:55 回覆

  • FloraBread
  • 呵呵..我也一直記得,而且很關心近況哩
  • hinlin
  • Dear celeste: