Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code had perhaps shocked the world, Christians and non-Christians alike, with its fictitious plot surrounding the hypothesis that not only did Jesus once live, he got married and left a bloodline.  Dan Brown's novel could not have existed without Holy Blood Holy Grail.

Michael Baigent and co-authors Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln are three meticulous researchers that had put together pieces of a puzzle together in a book to share their findings to the world.  Holy Blood and Holy Grail is a history book.  It is well researched and contains extremely intricate details that support their hypothesis.  Jesus was a man.  He got married.  He had a son.  The woman he probably married was Mary Magdalene.  It is most likely that he had never been crucified.

I do not claim to be a Christian.  I had never been baptized.  Yet I cannot deny the impact Christianity and the teachings of Jesus had on me.  Therefore, I believe I can offer a rather objective insight.  Was it so important whether or not Jesus was a divinity?  Does it make him less respectable having been married and having bore a child?  His teachings remained the same.  This discovery may be shocking to Christians who have been taught to respect Jesus as a divinity.  Quite on the contrary, this very same discovery did not, in anyway, diminished the impact of his teaching on me.  In fact, it merely fortified it. 

In just the same way that Roman and/or Greek mythology does not inspire me more than legends of ordinary human beings, Jesus' mortality actually causes my respect for him to strengthen.  What is so interesting about gods and goddess that have special power and have little or no weaknesses at all?  The true beauty of legends and myths is the notion of an ordinary being confronting great challenges.  So wouldn't Jesus' morality make him even a greater hero?

I've once promulgated here, how I am all religion.  Someone asked me if that meant I am, at the same time, no religion.  I believe the core of all religion.  What the teachings of these religions wished to do for humanity.  They offer salvation and improve humanity.  What I am not, is the religious groups and organizations that had gotten together claiming to offer these essences of religion, but in reality they offer nothing of the ilk.

And thus I'd like to end this review with a quote from one of the authors of the book Holy Blood Holy Grail: "Everybody has, within them, some divinity and that they can discover that themselves."

Listen to radio interview with author Michael Baigent

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1. Leigh Teabing is probably a combination of the names of the authors of Holy Blood Holy Grail. Teabing may be an ambigram for Baigent.
2. Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh filed a lawsuit against Dan Brown's publisher. Read more about it here.


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