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In Loose Change and Zeitgeist, we were introduced to the real plotters of the 911 attack.  Now, once again, America is under attack.  Not by terrorists like we might like to presume, but by the root of all evil - MONEY.

Zeitgeist Addendum gets into the depth of the real scheme that the big guys that are behind the scenes are really up to.  Understand why the economy is in crisis.  Understand who really controls the monetary system, around the world.  Learn how they are controlling the world by manipulating the monetary system.  Best of all, learn how you can choose not to be a part of their global scheme.

It is a long video, but extremely informative.  You do not have to be a politic or economic major to understand the jargon that frequently discourages you from your attempts to understand how the world really works.  This is not a production of the mainstream media.  This means, the purpose of this video is not so that you will come to believe everything that is said.  Quite on the contrary, you are not to believe it.  The purpose of these productions are to see that people will come to an awakening and start THINKING about what is true and what is not.  Do your own research.  Find your own conclusions.  But before you do any of that, watch the video.

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What would life be without challenges?  Would accomplishments be deemed as successful without ever having trodden on the path of failure?  Or, can anyone be successful, without ever having failed once?

Don't let failures in life bring you down.  Let them become a part of you.  Let them make you stronger and achieve what others believe you will never be able to do!

If these famous people have done it, there is no reason why we can't.

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Watch this at least once every day.  Never worry about money ever again.  Because you know that whatever you wish for, it will come true.  Whether your thoughts are negative or positive, they all come true!  That is why we must live a happy life.  Because only when you lead a happy life, will you attract more happiness.  Only when you feel rich, will you attract more wealth.


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我必須先聲明,我從來沒讀過影片中提到的『Milk and the Deadly Poison』這本書。但我讀過另外一本類似的【牛奶,謊言與內幕】。從影片以及書本裡所得到的共同結論是:
1. 牛奶不是好東西
2. 大家都知道 [這裡的大家指的是科學家or醫生]

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Converting to a vegetarian or vegan diet does not mean that you will not be susceptible to e.coli or other bacterial infections that are more commonly found in meat and seafood.  I didn't put these vids here so that you could be discouraged from becoming a vegetarian or a vegan.  A veggie diet is healthier in many ways.  It is also considered man's natural diet by many advocates of vegetarianism.  However, these vids are here so that you can become more aware of the underlying dangers caused by the mishandling of raw veggies and fruit in restaurants and pre-packaged salads.

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Some celebs that were not in the previous list:

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Watch this video of famous vegetarians and find out which actors or actresses, singer, writers, artists, or inventors are/were vegetarians. [Some might surprise you!]

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There are plenty of video clips that portray the brutality of the livestock industry.  Since this is the first article concerning this topic, a more subtle approach is presented here. 

第一段影片中Jamie Oliver['The Naked Chef'、'Jamie's Kitchen'、及'Jamie's School Dinners'等節目主持人]檢視一隻從養雞場救回來的一隻雞。這些雞一生中住在狹小的籠子裡,幾乎可以說是完全沒有任何可以活動的空間。這種慘忍的飼 養導致成年後即使被放出籠子外,他們也不太會跑、跳。

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Everything you've ever wanted can be yours.  If only you knew 'The Secret'. Learn to apply The Secret and have nothing but happiness, health and success in your life.

第一部影片,教你如何在每天早晨醒來後為自己美好的一天做開端。第二部影片是The Secret的前20分鐘。我已經找不到完整的影片了。所以有興趣者可能要找書來看或是買DVD了。

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Part One

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有人開始吃素後覺得自己比吃葷食的人慈悲、有愛心。難道植物他沒有生命嗎?英國詩人Percy Bysshe Shelley主張素食的原因是因為他認為人類在人體構造上原本就應該是『草食性動物』[1]。但無論你對吃素的想法如何,植物在大自然中、對我們所有生物的重要性是不可否定的事實。他們提供了住所、食物、空氣。


The Private Life of Plants - Social Struggle

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Call it coincidence if you will, that shortly after my inevitable viewing of 'United 93', 'Zeitgeist' should my next major viewing.  It is an extraordinarily didactic video that surpasses even its predecessor, the Loose Change production of the video on the conspiracies of the 911 attacks. 

或許你可以說是巧合。為何在我看了聯航93之後馬上接著看到這部影片。他比之前Loose Change製作關於911背後真相的影片還要扎實、多料。雖然沒有中文字幕,雖然是一部長達將近兩小時的影片,但我還是希望找到這篇文章的你能夠觀賞這部影片。

In this movie, you will find new historical evidence that the Da Vinci Code, United 93, World Trade Center, Pearl Harbor, and even the Bible has failed to inform you of.  The real truth behind the so-called terrorist schemes are nothing but a puppet show that a few men had decided to put on for their own entertainment and benefits.

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