There are a few options to dine on the Academia Campus. There is the canteen, which offers very cheap food, Cafe Sinica, and Beiyun Chinese Restaurant. Beiyun is one of my favourite places to dine, but unfortunately this is the kind of place where the more would be merrier. I guess that goes with most Chinese cuisines. Above is the picture of my all-time favourite chicken dish. 


Asparagus and mushroom 蘆筍鮮菇

If we have guests, or on special occasions, we would get a group of at least four, and meet here for lunch. Compared to the canteen, it costs a lot more, but the quality of the food is also way above the food the canteen offers. 


Steamed cod with fried tofu crumbs 豆酥鱈魚

Although we've dined here many times, this was the first time I had actually happened to have my camera with me. Thus, this is only part 1 of my Beiyun meal. Hopefully, I will have more to share with you later. 


Seafood and veggie stock 翡翠三鮮湯

There were only the four of us this time, so the food we ordered were limited. 


'Three-cup' chicken* 三杯雞
*It's called 'three cups because the sauces used to make this dish are measured in cups. 1 cup sesame oil, 1 cup soy sauce, and 1 cup rice wine/water) 

This was the last dish. It's really tasty with rice, but unfortunately this time by the time it arrived, we had already finished our rice. 


Who's drinking beer?? 誰誰誰??誰喝的???




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