There is no Santa Claus?

Narrator: Every little kid believes that Santa Claus comes to their house and gives them presents every Christmas.  But is there really a Santa Claus?  What happens when people tell you “There is no Santa Claus”? Let Boy 1 and Girl 2 tell you.

(In one corner of the classroom)

Boy 1: I am so angry!
Boy 2: Why? Tomorrow is Christmas, we get to open presents!
Boy 1: (pouts) My brother said to me “THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS”!
Boy 3: How can that be?
Boy 4: But I get a present every year!
Boy 1: I know, I know.  That’s why I am so angry!
Boy 2: Do you want to find out?
Boy 3: Sure!
Boy 4: Of course!
Boy 2: I have an idea! (whispers among them)

(In the other corner of the classroom)
Girl 1: I am so angry!
Girl 2: Why? I’m so excited!  I can’t wait to open my presents!
Girl 1: (pouts) My brother said to me “THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS”!
Girl 3: What! Why did he say that?
Girl 4: Where do we get our presents, then?
Girl 2: I’ve got a great idea. (whispers among them)

(teacher comes in)

Teacher: Girls and boys! It’s time for class.  Please be quite and take out your books.

 [after class]

Boy 1: So I’ll call you guys and let you know what I found out.
Boy 2: Don’t forget!
Boy 3: See you!
Boy 4: Good bye!

Girl 1: Alright, I guess I’ll tell you what happens tomorrow.
Girl 2: Let me be the first.
Girl 3: Good luck!
Girl 4: Bye!

Narrator: So both Boy 1 and Girl 1 walked home and waited until night to carry out their plan.
Boy 1: Mom, Dad! I’m home!
Girl 1: Mom, Dad! I’m home!

Boy 1: Did you tell your friends?
Girl 1: Yeah, but they still believe in Santa Claus.
Boy 1: So do my friends.
Girl 1: Well, then.  Be happy!

 (brother walks in)

Brother: Hey! Look who’s home!
Boy 1 & Girl 1: Go away!

Mom: Be nice now.  Good you’re all home.  Let’s get ready for dinner.
Dad: Dinner’s very yummy!
Girl 1: I can’t wait.
Boy 1: I’m so hungry!
Brother: Yeah, whatever!

Narrator: Meanwhile, Santa Claus is getting ready to go into town and give away presents.
Song: Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer
[North Pole]
Santa: Hello, Rudolf!  What happened to the others?
Rudolf: They’re all sick, Santa.
Santa: Well, guess it’ll just be you and me tonight.
Rudolf: That’s alright.

Santa: Get the sleigh ready.
(a big clashing noise)
Rudolf: (looking guilty) Santa?
Santa: What’s wrong?
Rudolf: The sleigh is broken.
Santa: Oh, no! What are we going to do?
Rudolf: I’m sorry.
Santa: Guess I’ll have to call a friend.


Narrator: Back home, they have finished dinner.  There is a phone call, and Dad picks up.
Dad: Hello? Oh! Hi! How are you? What? No! Alright, okay. Bye!
Mom: Who was that?
Dad: (whispers) Santa needs my help again!
Mom: He does it every year!
Dad: Shh! Don’t let the kids hear you!

Narrator: Later that night, the kids go to sleep, and Mom says goodbye to Dad as he leaves.  But Boy 1 and Girl one gets out of bed and hides behind the Christmas tree.  They saw Mommy kissing a big, fat, red person.
Girl 1: I knew it! There IS Santa Claus!
Boy 1: Yeah! Santa Claus lives!
Girl 1: But why is Mom kissing him?
Boy 1: But why is he kissing Mom?

Girl 1 & Boy 1: (stands up and shouts) Hey! Why are you kissing!
Mom & Dad: Oh no! (Dad runs away)

Song: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Narrator: The next morning, the family sits in the living room, waiting to open the presents, but not very happily.

Dad: Alright, I will tell you.
Mom: Santa is Dad’s friend.
Dad: He asked me to help him to give the presents this year.
Girl 1: So you were kissing Mom? (pointing to Dad)
Boy 1: And you were kissing Dad? (pointing to Mom)
Mom & Dad: Yes!
Brother: And I was joking!
Mom & Dad: Here are your presents!
Everyone: Merry Christmas!
Song: We Wish You a Merry Christmas

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