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Due to his age, the King plans to divide his land to his three daughters, but first, he wants to know how much they love him.  The eldest and second eldest daughters flatters their father with words ever-so sweet.  When the time comes for the youngest to show how much she loves him, she has nothing to say.  The stubborn King thus divides his land equally between the first two daughters.  The youngest has no land, and was exiled. 

國王因年紀大了,想將自己的領土分給三位女兒。卻想在此時讓女兒證明自己有多麼愛父。大女兒與二女兒分別都當眾向父親甜言蜜語,比喻自己對父親的愛有多麼的 深,多麼的孝順。輪到小女兒時,小女兒卻說他無話可說。個性頑固的國王卻因此將手上所有土地平均分給大女兒與二女兒。小女兒除了沒分到土地之外,連原本談 好的婚事也取消。更糟糕的事還被驅逐境外。


After a while, the King gradually realised that the first two daughters no longer listen to his commands. Eventually, they also banish him from his own home.  As a result, the King's state of mind is seriously affected.  He suffers mental instability and memory loss.  Fortunately, a few of his loyal servants stays with him.  However, the earl is also banished from his own home due to a dispute between his legitimate and illegitimate son.  The earl's legitimate son is tricked into running away from home, and for his own protection, he disguises himself as an insane beggar.  He later helps the King, and also his own father, who was blinded by his other son conspiring with the King's two evil daughters.

過 了一些日子之後,國王發現兩位女兒越來越不聽自己的使喚。並且還嫌他煩。最後終於被女兒趕出家門。國王因此精神狀況受影響,記憶損失,誰也不認得。還身邊 有幾會信得過的下人陪隨著他。不過此時國王最信任的公爵也因長子與私生子的鬥爭誤將自己的長子趕出家門。無巧不成書,公爵的兒子為了保護自己而偽裝成神經 病的乞丐。途中幫助了國王更幫助了最後被不孝子以及國王的二女兒聯合起來挖掉雙眼的公爵,也就是他自己的父親。


The King's body can no longer bear the burden of traveling, and at this time, the youngest daughter reappears to take care of him.  Finally, the King understands that the only daughter who truly loves him, is the youngest one, whom he had banished.  The son of the earl, in vengeance for his father, returns to fight his illegitimate brother.  When he wins, the King carries out his youngest daughter, who has been murdered by her sisters.  But they have also died, fighting each other, over the love of the earl's illegitimate son.  At last, the King dies, of old age, and of woe.

國王身體開始感到不適,此時小女卻出現細心照料他。國王此時才了解,真心對待他的才是這位他虧待的小女。而公爵的兒子也爲了幫父親以及國王復仇,與自己的私 生子弟弟格鬥。贏得德鬥以後,國王才將小女抱出來。原來小女早就被兩位邪惡的姊姊謀害身亡。兩位姊姊也因鬥爭公爵私生子的愛而互相殘殺而死。最後,國王也 因為傷心過度身體無法承受打擊而死。



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