Saxons and Danes

Egbert, king of Wessex 802~839
Ethelwulf (son of Egbert) 839~858
Ethelbald (son of Ethelwulf) 858~860
Ethelbert (second son of Ethelwulf) 860~866
Ethelred I (third son of Ethelwulf) 866~871
Alfred the Great (fourth son of Ethelwulf) 871~899
Edward the Elder (son of Alfred) 899~924
Athelstan the Glorious (son of Edward) 924~940
Edmund I (third son of Edward) 940~946
Edred (fourth son of Edward) 946~955
Edwy the Fair, (son of Edmund) 955~959
Edgar the Peaceful (second son of Edmund) 959~975
Edward the Martyr (son of Edgar) 975~978
Ethelred II, the Unready (second son of Edgar) 978~1016
Edmund II, Ironside (son of Ethelred II) 1016~1016
Canute the Dane 1016~1035
Harold I, Harefoot (son of Canute) 1035~1040
Hardecanute (son of Canute) 1040~1042
Edward the Confessor (son of Ethelred II) 1042~1066
Harold II, brother-in-law of Edward 1066~1066

House of Normandy

William I the Conqueror 1066~1087
William II, Rufus (third son of William I) 1087~1100
Henry I, Beauclerc (youngest son of William I) 1100~1135

House of Blois

Stephen (son of Adela, daughter of William I) 1135~1154

House of Plantagenet

Henry II (son of Geofferey Plantagenet by Matilda, daughter of Henry I) 1154~1189
Richard I, Coeur de Lion (son of Henry II) 1189~1199
John Lackland (son of Henry II) 1199~1216
Henry III (son of John) 1216~1272
Edward I, Longshanks (son of Henry III) 1272~1307
Edward II (son of Edward I) 1307~1327
Edward III of Windsor (son of Edward II) 1327~1377
Richard II (grandson of Edward III) 1377~1399

House of Lancaster

Henry IV (son of John of Gaunt, son of Edward III) 1399~1413
Henry V, Prince of Hal (son of Henry IV) 1413~1422
Henry VI (son of Henry V) 1422~1471

House of York

Edward IV (great-great-grandson of Edward III) 1471~1483
Edward V (son of Edward IV) 1483~1483
Richard III, Crookback 1483~1485

House of Tudor

Henry VII (married daughter of Edward IV) 1485~1509
Henry VIII (son of Henry VII) 1509~1547
Edward VI (son of Henry VIII) 1547~1553
Mary I, Bloody Mary (daughter of Henry VIII) 1553~1558
Elizabeth I (daughter of Henry VIII) 1558~1603

House of Stuart

James I (James VI of Scotland) 1603~1625
Charles I (son of James I) 1625~1649

Commonwealth and Protectorate

Council of State 1649~1653
Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector 1653~1658
Richard Cromwell (son of Oliver Cromwell) 1658~1600

House of Stuart (Restored)

Charles II (son of Charles I) 1660~16585
James II (second son of Charles I) 1685~1688

[Interregnum December 11 1688 ~ February 13 1689]

William III of Orange (Mary, daughter of Charles I) 1685~1701
and Mary II (daughter of Charles I) ~1694
Anne (second daughter of James II) 1702~1714

Great Britain
House of Hanover
George I (son of Elector of Hanover and Sophia, granddaughter of James I) 1714~1727
George II (son of George I) 1727~1760
George III (grandson of George II) 1760~1820
George IV (son of George III) 1820~1830
William IV (third son of George III) 1830~1837
Victoria (daughter of Edward, forth son of George III) 1837~1901

House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

Edward VII (son of Victoria) 1901~1910

House of Windsor (name adopted in 1917)

George V (second son of Edward VII) 1910~1936
Edward VIII (eldest son of George V) 1936~1936
George VI (second son of George V) 1936~1952
Elizabeth II (daughter of George VI) 1952~

Main Source:
Abrams, M. H., ed. The Norton Anthology of English Literature. 7th ed. New York: Norton, 2000.

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