曾在【利物浦】The Cavern Quarter一 文中提到1957年開始營業的The Cavern Club。四位來自利物浦的國際流行音樂傳奇披頭四在1961年在此表演時被Brian Epstein發掘,並成為之後的披頭四經紀人。The Cavern Club因披頭四的演出風靡一段時間後終於在1973年因地下鐵工程導致必須停止營業。終於到了1984年由一位利物浦足球俱樂部的球員Tommy Smith買下並開始重建工作。終於在1991年,The Cavern Club恢復了原本的樣貌並開始新的一段歷程。

六零年代曾經在此表演的其他知名團體與藝人還包括The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who, 和Elton John。今日的The Cavern Club持續的提供多樣化的現場音樂表演。這天來到The Cavern Club,為的不是別的。就是專程來看傳說中的超神似的披頭四現場表演。

The Cavern Club opened in 1957.  It is most famous for being the place where the Beatles manager, Brian Epstein first heard their performance in 1961.  Since the Beatles, The Cavern Club became a popular place for live music performances.  In 1973, however, the place closed down due to construction of the Merseyrail.  Tommy Smith, a Liverpool Football Club player took over the club in 1984 and reconstruction of the Club commenced.  Finally, the New Cavern Club was reopened to the public in 1991.

Other famous singers and bands that used to perform at the club included: The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who, and Elton John.  Today, the Cavern Club continues to offer a variety of music performances.  Our purpose of the night, was none other than to relive the Beatles legend.



We arrived after half ten.  The show had already begun, and the atmosphere was already livened up by the band and the audience.  The stage is located two floors below ground surface.  Ventilation is not ideal, but I think everyone was willing to tolerate for the sake of the Beatles performance.  The fee for tonight's show was a mere £2.  Well worth it to experience what it would have been like back in the days.








當晚我看到了許多歐巴桑跟歐吉桑也跟隨著年輕人一起擺動身子。大家除了跟著節奏輕快的舞步著,也有一批人不忘按下快門捕捉舞台上賣力演出的四位演出者。也因為這樣的表演,吸引了來自世界各國的觀光客,選在這天來到The Cavern Club體驗一下披頭四的現場演出。表演結束後,我想人人都很滿足的離開。這£2可花的真是值得呢!

That night, we saw a lot of grandpas and grannies dancing along with the younger generation.  Whilst dancing to the rhythm, people still remember to take shots of the performaners on the stage.  This is the kind of performance that attracts tourists from all over the world to come to the club tonight, of all nights.  After the performance, everyone left with satisfaction from the £2 entrance they had paid to get in.  It was more than well worth it.


以下這段影片錄製於當晚的演出。一整晚的披頭四曲目,原本我也不知道該錄下哪一首來分享才好。當他們開始演唱Let it Be時,我才決定要錄製一個小小的片段與大家分享。畢竟這首歌,應該無論是否為披頭四迷,大家會比較有印象的一首。可惜在此之後他們演唱了把氣氛帶到最高點的Hey Jude時,我因為被氣氛感染了,也就忘了再多錄製一個小片段。希望大家會喜歡這段影片。另外,也附上了披頭四的原版MV。提供給大家觀賞。

The following video is a clip of the performance that night.  It was difficult to decide which song to make a video clip of, but when they started singing 'Let it Be', I decided it would be the perfect song to share, knowing that Beatles fan, or not, more people are likely to have heard this than any others.  Right after this song, they performed 'Hey Jude', which basically brought the night's performance to its climax.  However, I was so absorbed into the atmosphere, that I had forgotten to make another video clip.  I hope you'll all enjoy the following clip.  I've also included the original version sung by the Beatles for your viewing.

'Let it Be' performed at the Cavern Club, Liverpool, UK.

'Let it Be' by the Beatles


The Cavern Club



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