We are but two Fools,
Treading upon the soil of the World.
But spinning the Wheel
Changes not our fate in the slightest way.

Thou art the Star.
And I, the Moon.
Both breathing in the rays of the Sun.
He gives us Strength.
Then Justice is unveiled.

We are the Hermit,
The Magician, and the Hierophant;
We are the High Priestess.
Together we battle in the Tower
Against the Devil and even Death.

Through Temperance shall we confront
The Judgment courageously.
Mark how the Hanged Man struggles not.
For we are the Lovers in our Chariot
Riding forward toward our destined Thrones.

創作者 天仙 (Celeste) 的頭像
天仙 (Celeste)

il Giardino Romantico

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