As I mentioned before, a river runs through Durham. One afternoon, we decided to walk along the river. Both P and his wife said the walk would be very pleasant. Since I had been well prepared, physically, to do this kind of exercise, I was definitely up for it. Initially we estimated an hour's walk, but I think we ended up walking for two hours.  

P and I were silent most of the time, but the sounds of nature and the pleasant noises of an English smalltown was enough to fill the air with a delightful atmosphere. 



00.jpg 01
Scene along the river. 河畔景色

01.jpg 02
Greek style building 希臘式建築

Side view 側面

03.jpg 04
Flower 路邊花朵

04.jpg 05
Footbridge 徒步橋

05.jpg 06
Boathouse 船庫 

06.jpg 07
Another bridge 又一座橋

07.jpg 08
Yet another 本篇第三座橋

08.jpg 09
Flower of a tree 樹上的花兒 
*The wind was blowing and I couldn't get a good shot, so P held the branch for me while I took this shot. 

09.jpg 10
River tour 遊覽船隻

10.jpg 11
Secluded section of the riverside 清幽的一景

11.jpg 12
Footbridge 徒步橋

13.jpg 13
Culvert 涵洞

14.jpg 14
Dangerous path 危險步道

15.jpg 15
Cute little blue flower 可愛小藍花



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